Spanish and English courses.
Intensive A1-C2

Need to learn Spanish and English in a short time? Altolevel's intensive course will help you meet this challenge.

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2 hours

Number of hours per day

6 to 70 years old

Suitable for all ages

up to 60

total hours of classes per month

How the Spanish and English Intensive is going

In each lesson we introduce new vocabulary and grammar. We explain them slowly and carefully, with examples of their use. The teacher then asks questions about the new vocabulary and grammar and the student must answer using the structure of the question.

Practice in pairs

By practicing what you've learned in conversations with other students, you'll have an easier time expressing yourself in Spanish and English and memorizing useful constructions.

Individual checking of homework

Intensive Spanish and English courses include enough homework. You get feedback from the teacher on each sentence without wasting time in class.


You will take an intensive Spanish course with real professionals. We have experienced teachers with a philological or pedagogical education and a high level of Spanish and English language skills.

Communicating with speakers

Starting at level A2, we invite native Spanish and English speakers from different countries to participate in group classes. This will teach you to understand the accents of the Spanish and English  language and help you overcome the language barrier.

The result of group classes

Talented teachers

Why attend Spanish and English courses for beginners when you can buy the magic "Spanish and English for Dummies" and learn the language on your own? A talented teacher can simplify and speed up the learning process based on your wishes and goals.

At Altolevel Centro you will be taught by professionals with pedagogical and philological education, teaching experience and perfect Spanish and English. We entrust Spanish and English lessons for beginners from scratch to the best.

Communicative methodology

We teach Spanish and English to beginners from scratch with our author's program, which is based on the communicative methodology. This means that our Spanish and English  lessons are based on conversational practice instead of endless theory. Most of the time you'll learn to express yourself beautifully, build dialogues and communicate on different topics.

Интересные материалы

Вам не нужно покупать учебники по испанскому для каждого уровня. Учебные материалы, адаптированные для начинающих, предоставляет школа.Чтобы мотивировать вас изучать испанский язык, уроки в нашей школе проходят интерактивно и разнообразно. Вы будете читать полезные тексты, смотреть и обсуждать видео, слушать песни и делать интересные упражнения.

After passing the level you will be able to:

Duration of one level - from 6 to 18 weeks, 2 hours per day

  • tell about yourself, your family and friends;
  • talk about tastes and habits in the present tense;
  • to name the time and date;
  • to find out prices, buy things, order food;
  • make sentences in the present tense;
  • read simple texts;
  • writing short stories.
  • to talk about the past at different times;
  • talk about movies, travel, and historical events;
  • express their feelings and emotions;
  • to use the imperative in speech;
  • to make predictions in the future tense;
  • make conditional sentences;
  • writing personal letters.
  • distinguish between four past tenses;
  • to write biographies, to talk about experiences;
  • to use the subjunctive to express desires;
  • to make assumptions and plans for the future;
  • read books in the original;
  • Watch movies and shows
  • communicate in Spanish and English on the phone and on the Internet.
  • Discuss various topics;
  • to give arguments "for" and "against;
  • talk about customs and behavior in society;
  • use periphrases with infinitives and gerunds;
  • retell stories from the past and relay other people's speech;
  • read articles, watch programs, and listen to conferences.
  • to write official letters.
  • talk about quality of life, social structure;
  • to talk about politics, identity, and art;
  • to use Spanish and English  in the work environment;
  • to write complaints, official requests;
  • to seek information from government services;
  • persuade and change your mind;
  • communicate freely with native speakers on any topic.
  • Use compound sentences in speech;
  • distinguish all the tenses of the subjunctive;
  • to hypothesize, to argue;
  • to give speeches in Spanish and English;
  • write texts of any complexity;
  • distinguish shades of meaning of words;
  • use specific vocabulary.

Spanish and English courses. Intensive A1-C2

Need to learn Spanish and English in a short time?
Altolevel's intensive course will help you meet this challenge.

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What's included:
Selection of relevant training materials
180 to 300 new words
More than 30 hours of speaking practice
Individual checking of homework
Certificate of Level Completion

Popular Questions

What are the conditions for canceling or rescheduling classes?

An individual lesson can be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the lesson will be charged to the student in full. Rescheduling a group lesson is possible only with the consent of the entire group.

If I have a floating schedule?

In this case, it is recommended to choose the format of individual classes. You can make an appointment with the teacher about the date of the next lesson at the last lesson or schedule a time 24 hours in advance.

Do online classes differ in effectiveness from offline classes?

We have developed a program that provides effective training, both online and offline.

What platform are the online classes on?

Group classes are held on the platform of Skype. Individual - on request of the student (Skype).

A trial lesson at Altolevel

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