DELE A1-C2 preparation courses

Planning to take the international Spanish and English exam? At Altolevel, you'll prepare for a successful DELE exam in just a few months.

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488+ students have already graduated from Altolevel teachers

2 days a week

Course Intensity

2 hours a day

Lesson length

11 to 70 years old

Any age

How to prepare for the DELE and SIELE

In each lesson we introduce new vocabulary and grammar. We explain them slowly and carefully, with examples of their use. The teacher then asks questions about the new vocabulary and grammar and the student must answer using the structure of the question.

Trial lesson

Do you want to learn about our methodology and how classes work? You have the opportunity to attend a trial lesson. We will also be able to assess your language level in order to build an effective learning program for you.

Comprehensible grammar

Grammar is an important part of international Spanish and English exams. In the lessons you will learn interesting grammatical constructions, learn to distinguish between tenses, use prepositions correctly and stop repeating the same mistakes.

Beautiful letter

The writing portion of the DELE and SIELE tests your ability to write appeals, complaints, informal letters and other texts in Spanish and English. We will teach you how to write beautifully and without mistakes by following the instructions for the writing assignments.

Conversation practice

Afraid of getting confused during the oral portion? In the lessons we will practice a lot so that you can speak easily and confidently. In addition to the lessons you can also attend meetings of our conversation club.

How do you learn that?

Talented teachers

Why attend Spanish and English courses for beginners when you can buy the magic "Spanish and English for Dummies" and learn the language on your own? A talented teacher can simplify and speed up the learning process based on your wishes and goals.

At Altolevel Centro you will be taught by professionals with pedagogical and philological education, teaching experience and perfect Spanish and English. We entrust Spanish and English lessons for beginners from scratch to the best.

Communicative methodology

We teach Spanish and English to beginners from scratch with our author's program, which is based on the communicative methodology. This means that our Spanish and English  lessons are based on conversational practice instead of endless theory. Most of the time you'll learn to express yourself beautifully, build dialogues and communicate on different topics.

Интересные материалы

Вам не нужно покупать учебники по испанскому для каждого уровня. Учебные материалы, адаптированные для начинающих, предоставляет школа.Чтобы мотивировать вас изучать испанский язык, уроки в нашей школе проходят интерактивно и разнообразно. Вы будете читать полезные тексты, смотреть и обсуждать видео, слушать песни и делать интересные упражнения.

DELE A1-C2 preparation courses

Planning to take the international Spanish and English exam? At Altolevel, you'll prepare for a successful DELE exam in just a few months.


Prepare for DELE with the best teachers.
At Altolevel you will work with certified professionals with experience preparing for international exams

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A trial lesson at Altolevel

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