Learning Spanish and English  in Spain

Do you want to learn Spanish and English in Spain? Trust us to organize your trip and study Spanish and English at our school

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How do I learn Spanish and English in Spain?

Comfortable start

Before you start learning a language in Spain, you will pass a small test to determine the level. After that, a group or a teacher for individual lessons will be selected for you. Teachers are especially attentive to new students, so the beginning of training will be easy and enjoyable.

In a group or individually

Do you prefer to study in a group or one-on-one with a teacher? It's up to you to choose the format you like. If you like, you can also combine group classes with individual classes.

Preparing for international exams

Planning to take an international exam? In addition to the usual classes, almost every Spanish and English  school in Spain also offers DELE or SIELE preparation courses.

Intensity of classes

Altolevel gives you the opportunity to learn a language at different intensities. You can study at a leisurely pace or enroll in an intensive Spanish and English course and study for up to five hours a day.

3 steps to learn
Spanish and English in Spain

Learning Spanish and English in Spain can easily be combined with a vacation.


Step 1:

We will discuss the conditions of study and accommodation, cost and duration of courses to take into account all your wishes.

Step 2:
Travel arrangements

We can help you build an itinerary, book the best tickets and arrange airport transfers.


Step 3:
Ongoing Support

Throughout the training we will be in touch so that you study in peace and do not worry about anything.

Popular Questions

What are the conditions for canceling or rescheduling classes?

An individual lesson can be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the lesson will be charged to the student in full. Rescheduling a group lesson is possible only with the consent of the entire group.

If I have a floating schedule?

In this case, it is recommended to choose the format of individual classes. You can make an appointment with the teacher about the date of the next lesson at the last lesson or schedule a time 24 hours in advance.

Do online classes differ in effectiveness from offline classes?

We have developed a program that provides effective training, both online and offline.

What platform are the online classes on?

Group classes are held on the platform of Skype. Individual - on request of the student (Skype).